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Photo Khishge Our Founder Nomiin Ger scaled e1599661396640Our vision at Nomiin Ger is to reach out to those who are interested in Mongolian language and culture all around the world. Nomiin Ger is a dynamic Language and Culture school, offering formal in person as well as remote language lessons.  In addition, our website serves as a digital hub for all things Mongolia related, such as free lessons, quizzes, language puzzles, vocabulary info-graphs, up to date blog posts, grammar explanations, societal studies, and much more to help everybody learn the Mongolian language and keep up to date with the rapid, exciting, cultural and developmental changes that modern Mongolia is experiencing.  Through constant growth and a team of passionate, motivated Mongolians and Mongolia enthusiasts, we strive to be the top provider of Mongolian Language lessons as well as an unmatched database of free language resources on the internet, available to all.



Khishge Bagsh, Founder and Director of Studies at Nomiin Ger

about us

We aim to provide non-Mongolian speakers and foreign persons living in Mongolia with information on Mongolian culture and language based on needs and interests. To fulfill our goals and better serve our customers, we established our training center “Nomiinger” in 2013.

Since then we have successfully trained and taught Mongolian language and culture to various groups of foreign people, businesses and organizations that include the British Embassy in Mongolia, Porsche Ulaanbaatar, Peace Corps, OyuTolgoi LLC, Leighton Mongolia, as well as American School of Mongolia and British School of Mongolia.

Currently we are providing training sessions to many foreign residents through our online training program, customers from the US, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Philippines, China, Italy, Spain, Belgium and more.

In addition to online training via Skype, we organize training sessions on-site at our training center.

We provide Mongolian language and culture training programs for the duration of 3-day to 2-year, and a foreign students may acquire a 3-month to 2 year student visa to study at our training center.

Custom-designed lessons based on a particular student’s needs or interests are our specialty. The Mongolian language lessons focus on speaking and listening skills, which we believe is the foundation of learning Mongolian. One may also be interested in traditional culture, or modern culture where knowing your fellow Mongolian colleague’s culture and lifestyle will help you better understand Mongolia. We also teach, on request, the traditional Mongolian script.

In addition to classroom lessons, we organize various cultural and training events out of the training center as well.

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Our instructors have specialized experience in Mongolian Language teaching ranging from 2 – 15 years. They have a deep understanding of the obstacles encountered by foreigners learning such a challenging language as well as an appreciation for the struggles and adventures that come with day to day  living in Mongolia.



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