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We would like to thank you for learning with us. We value the trust you put in our teaching and would like to thank you for that. Your feedback is very important as we constantly looking for ways to improve our teaching.

Thank you very much.

“We value your opinion”

I would fully recommend Mongolian classes with Khishge. The lessons are engaging, challenging and above all enjoyable which is now language lesson should be! Khishge is a dedicated teacher who cares about her students learning.

Arron William from UK.

“Organized, gifted in teaching, and enjoyable to learn from! She cares about her students’ progress and provides challenging content coupled with the right amount of support and teaching. She is an excellent, experienced teacher and we loved her class!”

Elizabeth from USA.

Khishgee is the best language teacher I’ve ever had in my language learning experience. She is very engaging and pushes you to practice speaking! If you want to learn Mongolian, I highly recommend Khishgee.

Eva Joy from USA.

This Mongolian class is amazing. The material is taught in a systematic and applicable way. It has been extremely helpful with getting around the city and talking about basic things. Khishgee is very friendly and a great teacher. If you put in the necessary effort, you will learn quickly with a good understanding of the language!

Nate Lee from the USA.

외국어를 배운다는 것은 그 나라와 문화를 알면서 언어를 습득하는 의미인데 처음에 배울때에는 함께 하기에는 어려움이 있었다.

우선적으로 단어와 문장의 이해가 수반되지 않았기 때문이다.

그런데 이방에서 공부하면서 큰 도음이 된 것은 단어와 실생활 문장으로 함께 배우는 것이었다.

밖에서 몽골 사람을 만났을때 자연스럽게 생활 문장을 입밖으로 내놓고 나의 자신을 보면서 조금 놀랐지만 이 몽골 방에서 배웠기 때문에 가능한 일이고 생각했다.

Jae Hyung from South Korea.

My Mongolian lessons have been great. My teacher is very patient and encouraging. We have learnt lots of useful vocabulary and I am able to understand a lot more when I read and hear Mongolian. We have learnt lots of basic Mongolian. So I can go shopping or get taxi and even have proper conversation with people. I get to learn grammar without learning that is what I am doing. Mongolian isn`t an easy language to learn but Teacher’s help I am getting there.

Louise from UK.

I have been through many things in terms of language learning so if I say that Khishgee is one of the best teachers you can get, you can trust me. Living in Hungary I found it challenging to find an experienced and native Mongolian language teacher so I was thrilled when a friend recommended her to me. She kindly agreed to take me on as her student and since March 2015 we meet weekly on Skype. I started learning Mongolian in my university years (since 2000) so I have had some basic knowledge of the written and official language of Mongolia when she started teaching me. However I knew nothing about everyday, spoken language. I can safely say that in the last one year my spoken Mongolian improved more than it did in the previous 10 years. Even my ‘old’ teachers commented on my development and I feel it in my everyday work too. Now I am not afraid of sending out an email or starting a chat with a friend or colleague in Mongolian. I am a lazy one when it comes to learning list of words without which it’s tough to learn any languages but Khishgee manages to make it work somehow even for me. There are still much to learn but thanks to her I have reached a point from where learning Mongolian is not a struggle anymore.
Adrienn Gecse from Hungary.

I absolutely loved learning Mongolian from хишгээ. She made class so interactive and fun. I felt after the first 6 weeks I could converse confidently in small daily conversations. She was an excellent teacher with many different learning activities so that every class felt new. Hishge taught to everyone’s learning style in my group, which was so helpful. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Mongolian whether you are staying in the country for two months or two years.

Jordan Lee from USA.

I have been working with Khishge for the last year to learn the basics of the Mongolian language over “Skype”. She has been a great teacher and is very flexible with scheduling. Her lessons provide a good mixture of speaking, listening, and reading and have helped me to develop my skills in Mongolian pronunciation, grammar, and reading. It is extremely difficult to learn the Mongolian language in the United States and this is an excellent way to learn! I highly recommend Khishge!

Thomas Conte from USA

Having studied at several language schools in Ulaanbaatar, I can easily say “Nomiin ger” school was by far the best I experienced in my 2 years here. The lessons were fun and interactive, every lesson was different and it was not just copying from a textbook. My teacher was friendly and took a genuine interest in my life in Ulaanbaatar outside of the lessons, offering advice on wider Mongolian customs such as how to behave at Tsaagan Sar, one of Mongolia’s national holiday celebrations. I made significant progress in just 6 months at the school thanks to the fantastic teachers and personalized lesson plans. I would highly recommend “Nomiin ger” language school to anyone looking to start studying Mongolian.

Fin McLoughlin from UK

“Khishge was our amazing Mongolian language teacher the first week we arrived in Mongolia! Her positive feedback and variety of simple instructional strategies helped my husband and I feel successful as adult learners. We had no previous experience with the Mongolian language and enjoyed each class so much! Khishge helped build a foundation for us each class to continue learning the language.”

Sara Thurman from the USA

I would definitely recommend Nomiin Ger language school. The staff are really friendly and provide a good environment to learn. They are willing to tailor lessons to your own personal preferences. Whether you want to push yourself or learn at a more casual pace. If you are interested in learning Mongolian check it out.

Charles Francis

We had a great time learning at this language school. She was very professional and extremely helpful in giving us a crash course in survival Mongolian. Her teaching style was easy to follow, she catered to the needs of our class, and motivated us to learn at a pace that challenged us. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to learn Mongolian!

Mikey James from the USA

I initially came to Mongolia in 2012 as a Peace Corps volunteer. After receiving brief training in Mongolian Language before starting work, I sought to continue improving. Unsatisfied with the teaching styles I was being exposed to, I finally found Khishgee. After working with her for more than two years I was able to attain a level of Advanced Proficiency on the US ACTFL exam (equivalent to C1/C2 of the Common European Framework or Reference for Language). If you are serious about learning Mongolian language, or even a beginner, I would go straight to her. Her friendly, logical, well thought out, and cohesive lessons are the best in the country. No doubt.

Samuel Myers