Study visa information

We can issue Mongolian student visa (S visa) for the learners who take our Mongolian language regular courses for more than 3 months. According to the Mongolian law, full time Mongolian language students at any language school can be permitted to study up to 1 years and get student visa and resident permission. After entering the Mongolia, “S” visa issued students must get resident permission for 6 months and then are possible to extend the permission every 6 month up to 1 year.

The students who plan to take Mongolian language regular class can get Mongolian visa (S visa).

We need following documents for issuing Student visa.

  1. Cover letter (letter to school which mentioned the reasons you want to learn Mongolian language for your planned duration)
  2. Copy of passport pages clearly showing passport number, dates of issue, expiry, name and date of birth.
  1. Passport must be valid for at least 12 months.
  2. Fill the application form of school
  3. Make study agreement with school
  4. Visa payment: 150 USD per person.
  5. Health record paper (includes HIV test)

After you sending all above mentioned documents, we can apply your study permission and then apply your Mongolian visa. When we complete this process, Mongolia immigration will be sent your invitation to the nearest Mongolian embassy in your country. Then you can get Mongolian entry visa from the embassy of Mongolia.

After your arrival in Mongolia, it needs to register at immigration office within 7 days.

Getting resident permission

Required documents are

  1. Passport with entry visa
  2. 4 passport photos
  3. Reference from local district office where you live in Mongolia
  4. Other documents

Getting Mongolian student visa takes for 3-4 weeks after getting all needful documents.