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Survival Course

Learn Mongolian language from Absolute Beginner level

Mongolian Vocab UB City Nomiin Ger

The Survival Mongolian course is the most basic of all the courses. This course is designed for students to learn the most essential survival language for everyday use.

The course focuses on building conversational skills through speaking and listening comprehension.

The learner will thus be able to interact in different situations at a most basic level.  

Course goals

By the end of the survival Mongolian course, our students will be able to:

  • Alphabet: read and write in Cyrillic at a basic level
  • Introduce one’s self and chat by giving/asking for personal information 
  • Use numbers by asking and telling the time, age, phone numbers, and prices
  • Getting around: taking taxi and giving directions
  • While getting groceries, identify basic food and drinks, and then purchase 
  • Express likes and dislikes 
  • While at a restaurant, ask for a menu, order food, and pay the  bill
  • While shopping, identify and describe different items by color and size, as well as make purchases 
  • Describe the weather and discuss the forecast
  • Identify people and family members and talk about one’s own family
  • Ask simple questions and/or permission in different situations
  • Listen and comprehend basic personal questions and requests
  • Describe simple activities and events that happened in the past. 

Our Training

Native-Mongolian Teacher

Our teachers are all trained and experienced in teaching Mongolian for foreign citizens.

Books and materials

Books, supplemental materials such as PPT lessons, handouts, listening practice, and flashcards are provided.

Your lesson is your own

Personally tailored classes. Our Mongolian teachers adapt each lesson to our learner’s needs and goals.

What people say?

The instructor I had at Nomiin Ger language school was wonderful! Even though I only had 2 weeks to learn the basics, our teacher was able to accomplish a lot in that short amount of time. I really feel that I was able to grasp the basics and have a good command of vocabulary for shopping and money. Overall an outstanding course that will be invaluable during my time in the countryside.
Andrea Hartman
Nomiin Ger does a fantastic job catering toward your language learning needs. After multiple attempts with other language centers previously, with Nomiin Ger I feel the most confident with my speaking and listening skills. Not only does Nomiin Ger provide its learners with easily accessible online platforms, it provides learners with excellent, informative, and attentive language tutors. I have had a wonderful experience with Nomiin Ger!!!
Tom Kaualoku

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