Our Mongolian language courses

We are successfully running different types of Mongolian language classes, including the length of a 3-day to 1-year Mongolian language program and located downtown of Ulaanbaatar city (15 mins walk from Sukhbaatar Square along the Main road to East). We have our regular specialized courses, and also tailor-made courses are available for you. We offer both individual and group courses for our learners.
Our teachers are qualified and experienced at teaching the Mongolian language to foreigners. Also, we have been running a Mongolian online course over Skype for five years now.
Although we organize Mongolian classes at our school, you can take courses at your preferred place/home or office/
Also, you can make your schedule, which would be suitable for you.

5-day survival course

Course description: This course is for people who is visiting Mongolia for short term and is needed necessary phrases to communicate.

Total hours of instruction: 20 hours

Class day: Monday to Friday

Class hours a day: 4 hours

2-week intensive survival course

Course description: This course offers very basic Mongolian conversations and phrases are used for daily life.

Total hours of instruction:  40 hours

Class day: Monday to Friday

Class hours: 4 hours

3-week survival course

Course description: This course is designed for people who have zero level of Mongolian learn basic conversations that is used to communicate everyday conversation to get any service such as taxi, shopping etc.

Total hours of instruction:  60 hours

Class days:  Monday to Friday

Class hours: 4 hours

*We don`t set common time to take this course. Students can start any time.

Beginner Mongolian-regular course

Course description: This course is suitable for people who stay in Mongolia for 3 months or more. Students learn core skill of speaking, listening, reading and grammar. Throughout this course student will learn culture information needed to adapt the environment.

Total hours of instruction: 240 hours

Length of study: 12 weeks

Class days:  Monday to Friday

Class hours:  4 hours

Intermediate Mongolian-regular course

Course description: This course is for the people who speaks basic Mongolian and want to improve their level more focused on spoken language.

Total hours of instruction: 240 hours

Class days and hours: Flexible

Advanced Mongolian-regular course

Course description:    The course for people who want to be fluent or specialize for any field.

Total hours of instruction: 240 hours

Class days and hours:    Students can choose

Conversation class

Course description: This course for person who is intermediate level or over and focused on speaking and listening.

Total hours of instruction: 100 hours

Class day: Monday to Friday

Class hours a day: 2 hours

Individual class

Course description: One-to-one classes are taught either as a stand-alone program or as an addition to the normal class timetable. Teachers are assigned to students based upon their specific interests and needs.  Any subject or combination of subjects may be offered.

Classes are typically one or two hours in duration, but alternative arrangements can be made on request.

Skype course

This is One-to-one class for people who are no time to travel or people who lives in outside of Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). Time and length are flexible.

If you have any requests regarding on the Mongolian classes, please write us

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