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The pinnacle of flexibility. Learn from your home, or your office, wherever, whenever.  Nomiin Ger accommodates students from around the world in multiple time zones, giving you direct access to Mongolian Language courses on your terms.

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Face-to-face digital learning with native speakers. Learning Mongolian has never been this easy or compelling. Immersion into the world of Mongolian speaking. Crisp digital sound, and native pronunciation from the steppe, to your home.   


Personally tailored classes. Our Mongolian teachers adapt each lesson to the learner's needs and goals. Your lesson is your own.  Survival crash course, business Mongolian; our teachers are trained and ready.

Nomiin Ger has been teaching high quality tailored Skype classes since 2016 to students from all nationalities in locations around the world such as Australia, Japan, USA, Denmark, Korea, and Belgium etc.  
Our teachers are all trained and experienced in teaching Mongolian for foreigners, and utilize the certain advantages that Skype and other technology and digital Mongolian language course offer. 
Furthermore, we use corresponding supplemental materials such as PPT lessons, handouts, listening practice, and flash cards to aid and guide the learner throughout the lessons.
Mongolian language courses
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Basic Mongolian language courses

The following courses are focused on speaking and listening.  However, our teachers are capable of tailoring the lessons based on the learner’s needs and interests.

Each session is 60 minutes long and schedules are made based on each student’s availability. 

Survival course

SURVIVAL COURSE:  This is the most basic of all the courses.  It is designed for students to learn the most essential survival language for everyday use.  The course focuses on building conversational skills through speaking, and listening comprehention. The learner will thus be able to interact in different situations at a most basic level.

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BEGINNER COURSE: This course is designed to be taken after the survival course and provides fundamental elements of the language such as word order, sentence structure, and simple grammar points, practiced through the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

clip art intermediate course nomiin gerINTERMEDIATE COURSE: This course is for students who have a basic level of Mongolian and want to improve their skills and raise their language to an intermediate level.  It focuses on speaking and improving colloquial conversation, useful phrases and expressions.  In addition the student will be exposed to longer listening segments and begin to write more using more complex structures. 

clip art advanced course nomiin gerADVANCED COURSE: This course is for students who wish to attain a high level of fluency and/or specialize in any professional field of Mongolian, such as business language.  The course focuses on mastering the most complex Mongolian grammar, having extended conversations on advanced topics with a native speaker, listening to Mongolian podcasts, news, etc. to fine tune listening skills, as well as writing longer essays on such topics as Mongolian society in the 21st century, Altaic/Mongolic linguistic family debates, etc.