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Personal pronouns in Mongolian


Personal Pronouns in Mongolian Language

YouЧи / Та*Chi/ Ta
You (plural)Та нарTa nar
WeБид нарBid nar
TheyТэд нарTed nar


*IMPORTANT: Use Чи for the someone the same age or younger.  Ta is used for those older and/or people that you respect or have a higher ranking.  If you are unsure whether someone is older or younger than you, use Ta.

**Тэр is generally used with another noun when referring to a person. ‘Тэр хүн‘ is the closest translation to ‘he/she’. Generally, Mongolians just use names.  Mongolians do not use Тэр on its own to express ‘he/she’. Тэр on its own only refers to objects.         



The Pronouns Conjugated with all 8 cases:


As mentioned in previous lessons, Mongolian is an agglutanive language, meaning you add/change suffixes to change the meaning and function of words and phrases.  In English ‘I’ is a subject pronoun and ‘Me’ is an object pronoun, just as ‘We’ is a subject pronoun and ‘Us’ is an object pronoun.  The same concept exists in Mongolian but in a different form.  More on that in another lesson.  For now, here is a very useful chart of all the main pronouns conjugated with the 8 Mongolian Language cases:   


Screen Shot 2020 04 30 at 12.46.23 PM



Let’s make a few sentences using Personal Pronouns:

БиБи Энхээ/ Bee Enkhee/ I am Enkhee.
ЧиЧи Жон/ Chi John/ You are john.
ТэрТэр Ким/Ter Kim/He is Kim
ТэрТэр Лүси/Ter Lucy/She is Lucy.
ЭнэЭнэ сандал/ Ene sandal/ This is a chair.
Та нарТа нар cурагч/ Ta nar suragch/ You are students.
Бид нарБид нар багш/ Bid nar bagsh/We are teachers.
Тэд нарТэд нар Дорж, Жош/ Ted nar Dorj, Josh/ They are Dorj and Josh.


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