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Numbers in Mongolian

Numbers in Mongolian


Сайн байцгаана уу? Хишгээ багш байна. I am Khishge from Nomiin Ger. Today we are going to learn how to say numbers in Mongolian.  

Let’s get started! Also, you can watch the video on our youtube channel.

First, Let's learn from 0-10. 

Zero (0) is тэг [teg] in Mongolian, sometimes we say ноль (нойл) which is Russian.

Now let’s do 1 through 10:

NumbersMongolian ScriptTransliteration
1нэг neg
2хоёр hoyr
3гурав gurw
4дөрөв dorw
5тав taw
6зургаа zurgaa
7долоо doloo
8найм naim
9ес yos
10арав arw

Let’s learn 11-19 in Mongolian

Eleven is a combination of 10+1 and –н is always added to the 10’s digit.

NumbersMongolian scriptTransliteration
11арван нэгarvan neg
12арван хоёрarvan hoyr
13арван гуравarvan gurw
14арван дөрөвarvan dorw
15арван тавarvan  taw
16 арван зургааarvan zurgaa
17арван долооarvan doloo
18арван найм arvan naim
19арван есarvan yos

Now let’s do 10, 20, 30, etc.

We already know 10 which are арав (arw).  Let’s continue from there:

NumbersMongolian scriptTransliteration
70 дал dal

Now let’s compare some similar sounding numbers, that sometimes confuse students:

2 (хоёр)   20 (хорь)
3 (гурав)30 (гуч)
4 (дөрөв)40 (дөч)
5 (тав)50 (тавь)
6 (зургаа)60 (жар)
7 (долоо)70 (дал) 
8 (найм)80 (ная)
9 (ес)90 (ер)

Let’s see how to say 21, 31, 41, etc. 

21 хорин нэг

31 гучин нэг 

41 дөчин нэг

51 тавин нэг 

61 жаран нэг

71 далан нэг

81 наян нэг 

91 ерэн нэг

So now you know how to say all the numbers from 0-100.  As you can see, we just add the tens digit and the ones digit together.  For example 64 would be 60 + 4 жаран дөрөв

To practice what we have learned, let’s talk about phone numbers. 

In Mongolian our phone numbers are always 8 digits, and we break them down by saying the 4 pairs of numbers. 

For example: [88605307], for this number, you would say: eighty-eight, sixty, fifty-three , zero-seven

‘nayn-naim, jar, tavin guraw, teg doloo’

To ask for someone’s phone number, we say:

Таны утас хэд вэ? What’s your phone number?

Миний утас 88-60-53-07. My phone number is 88-60-53-07.

Again, let’s practice the numbers we learned. how would you say this phone number [94374590]?  That’s right: ‘nayin-duruw, guchin-doloo, duchiin-taw, eur’

So that’s it for now. Thank you. Bayrllaa!

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  1. Thanks for your excellent lessons, i really enjoy them, they are really helpfull. i appreciate all the little hints and bonus that help my memory as well as the in-context examples. I found the pronunciation fascinating. Thanks for the excellent work. My objective is master the basics within one year and recognize 10 per cent of words in normal conversations. Within 10 years i want to recognise 50 per cent of conversations. Continue the excellent work !!

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