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Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet

 Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet

                Before using Mongolian Cyrillic script mongolian official script was old Mongolian writing. After Mongolian people’ revolution with assistance Soviet union.  new Mongolia started to develop in all sector. and Russians influenced mongolian All sector. All mongolian political leaders educated in Soviet union and get assistance from Soviet leaders. 1930-1931 Mongolians used to created own alphabet by using Latin alphabet for their official language and teach to the people in whole country. but after year this initiations was not succeeded at all because of the nationality, pre-preparations and less number of people was literates at the time. so they still using old mongolian script.

Between 1934-1940, Mongolian literacy was run successfully and people who have learned reached from 320000- 720000 with old mongolian script. in 1941, mongolian scientists was created new script using adopting from Russian Cyrillic Alphabet and added 2 letters (Ө, Ү) to the Russian Cyrillic. from academic year 1941-1942,  primary school students started to learn New mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet and then since 1946, mongolian Cyrillic script has been  in official script in republic Mongolia.

Our first lesson is Mongolian alphabet. Here you can find useful lesson as Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet, Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet pronunciation and script. We hope you will enjoy this lesson.

The Mongolian alphabet has 35 letters. It consists of 20 consonants, 13 vowels and 2 sign letters with audio.


А а                             aah                            as in us

Б б                             beh                           as in ball

В в                             weh                          as in west, vest, wet, owe, vain

Г г                             geh                            as in get, gum, dog

Д д                            deh                            as in and, hard, dad

Е е                             yeh                             as in yet

Ё ё                             yoh                             as in yo yo

Ж ж                          jeh                               as in Jet

З з                             zeh                              as in zero

И и                            i                               as in it, if

Й й                            i (used with another vowels)                            as in ink

К к                            kah                             as in walk, work

Л л                            il                                 as in silk

М м                          im                               as in milk

Н н                           in                                as in mint

О о                           ooh                             as in ball, all, doll

Ө ө                           öh                                as in her, term, earn

П п                          peh                              as in gap

Р р                           err                               as in cheers, hear

С с                           iss                               as in sister, risk, miss, mist

Т т                          teh                              as in list, test, state, hut, step, hot

У у                          uuh                               as in  bull

Ү ү                        üüh                                 as in who

Ф ф                       feh                                  as in cafe

Х х                        heh                                 as in hey

Ц ц                       tseh                                as in  tsunami

Ч ч                       cheh                               as in  lunch, check, rich

Ш ш                     sh                                  as in  finish, push, wish

Щ щ                    sh (used in Russian words)                                    as in Shanghai

Ъ ъ                   no sound                                sign letter

Ы ы                     eeh                                   as in mean, weak, seal

Ь ь                   no sound                                 sign letter

Э э                      eh                                      as in egg, edit, set

Ю ю                  yuh                                    as in use, huge, cute

Я я                    yah                                     as in soya

 Learn Mongolian alphabet by using below pictures

mongolian Cyrillic alphabet

Here you can watch Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet pronunciation video below:

If you have any question about this lesson please just comment us.


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