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How to say I love you in Mongolian?

i love you in mongolian


Сайн байцгаана уу? I’m Khishge from Nomiin Ger. Today, we are going to learn how to say I love you in Mongolian.

This will be a short lesson and I am going to teach you 3 phrases. If you have a Mongolian partner, spouse, etc., this will be even more useful.

You can also watch the video below:


The First one is ‘I love you!’ which is in Mongolian: Би чамд хайртай (I to you love)

Literally, it’s saying ‘I have love for you’- Би чамд хайртай.


Cultural Tip 1:

I have noticed that westerners and maybe some other cultures tend to use this phrase quite liberally.  However, in Mongolia, saying ‘I love you.’, ‘Bi Chamd Xairtai’ is quite formal and serious.  So you should be careful and only say it if you really really mean it. 


Let’s say it again: Би чамд хайртай [Bi chamd hairtai]

Cultural Tip 2: 

One thing about хайртай (love), we really only use this mostly for people. I have heard some people say, in English, ‘I love chocolate, or, I love playing basketball’. In Mongolian, we would never use the word хайртай for something like that.

The Second phrase is less formal and more playful: 

It is very common. That is Хайртай шүү. It’s the same as ‘love you!’


Хайртай шүү, ээж ээ!            Love you, mom!

Хайртай шүү, аав аа!            Love you, dad!

The last one is really cool to know and very useful:  

In Mongolian, couples call each other Хайр аа! Literally meaning, ‘my love’. [The ‘aa’ is possessive

We use it the same as saying honey, or baby. So, if you have a Mongolian partner and want to say something other than ‘baby’, you can call them hair aa!  They will love it. 

So now let’s review and end the lesson:


Three phrases we have learned today are:

Number 1. Би чамд хайртай- “I love you“.

Number 2. Хайртай шүү! – “love you!

Number 3. Хайр аа! –  “my love”


So that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed it. See you later!

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