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Mongolian language Vocabulary Lists

Mongolian language vocabulary list


Here are a ton of Mongolian language words based resources with some of the most common Mongolian language vocabulary lists with images in different topics, as well as some unique ones too.  Many of these are nouns, so also check out the most common Mongolian verbs too.  Enjoy!

Most Common 100 Mongolian Nouns

Check your knowledge of Mongolian vocabulary:

(Hover over to reveal translation)

Teacher Female
Earth clip art
scribblenaughts restaurant 1







tourist clip art
mountain clip arts
Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 2.18.16 PM





What is a 'Sea Pig'...

A dolphin!


Vocabulary is such an important part of learning a language, and one of the best resources you can have is flash cards.  The beauty of flash cards is you can study them on your own!  It is much better to create your own rather than to buy them.  In the process of creating them, you use your brain to write and examine the new words.  How many flash cards have you created so far? 100?  200?  The more the better!

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